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Few Methods For Construction Estimating – Construction estimating software

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You take a construction estimate to determine the expenses associated with the construction projects. Even though it is not an actual figure, it gives you general information regarding the costs involved. As manual construction estimation is a difficult task to implement regularly, you seek the help of a construction estimating software to perform that job for you. These programs are available for purchase and you can download a few online applications free as well. Following methods for construction estimate and excavation should help you to familiarize the process involved.

Estimation of Equipment

It is the primary duty as a contractor to determine the different equipment types required for completing the excavation task. You should be able to figure out the project size and the required number of machines for carrying out the heavy construction job once you visit the worksite so that you can complete the work within the projected time.


This estimation depends upon the kind of soil like clay as well as shale that should be digging out. The expenses on the rented machines as well as the fuel costs are also considered while taking the estimation. Apart from these, the estimation also includes the overall time required as well as the task involved in setting up the equipment like trench braces.

Labor Expenses

While you carry out the estimation process of the construction as well as the excavation projects, the expenses associated with the labor is an affecting factor. An estimation involving the workers needed to carry out the manual works at the worksite is also the duty of a contractor. Workers consist of drivers who take the task of the moving out the excavated substances from the worksite as well as the skilled machine operators to manage the construction equipment and tools.

clocksofmoneyThe estimation also includes the hourly pay rates for each worker for the required number of days. This figure can vary, as a certain stage of work requires only certain workers to perform that task. The contractor hires some workers for a shorter period to finish the temporary works.

Software for construction estimates

For moving the excavated materials from the worksite, the contractor charges a fixed amount. This estimation is calculated on a basis of the cubic yards of the substance that are dragged away from the project site. In addition, estimation regarding the required explosives to break hard rock as well as removing the daily work materials at specific time intervals is also a part of earthwork estimations.

Utilize a construction estimating software to perform the above tasks for you as it preserves your time as well as it is more convenient. Pick a software carefully that suits all your needs. The software is very efficient and precise, so you will cut your time for calculations and estimates and save yourself from the math. The software can be found on the Internet and can be downloaded for free.